What you need to know before to start a Linkedin ads campaign

January 13, 2020 in News

What you need to know before to start a Linkedin ads campaign

Learn about Linkedin Ads campaigns and what this platform can offer to businesses

Linkedin it is a social network mainly used to develop professional contacts, through the publication of user’s cv, or to spread specific contents related to labour market, i.e. job’s search engine or business’ advertising; to run a Linkedin ads campaign, means that you have, probably, a B2B public.

Social selling

Linkedin campaign

Linkedin social network connects professionals and clients, allowing them to build and grow positive relationships, sharing contents, prospects and professional results; using this social technologies Linkedin aims to connect professionals globally.

Why to use social selling techniques?

Have you ever tried to search for your name in Google?

Well, you should know then that Google index even Linkedin profiles so you are actually visible from Google side users as well.

How do we develop Social Selling for our company?

The professional have to be present on the social platform (Linkedin) to
interact with other potential customers.

The contents that we need to share with the clients has to be useful and trying to solve their problems, for example:

◦ Sharing interesting information

● Industry updates

◦ Valuable data for the client

● In-depth analysis

○ Interviews

Or basically everything that can interest our future client, until the moment where he is going to be ready to purchase.

3 reasons to choose Linkedin for an ads campaign

1 – Contents, in this platform, are able to generate 4 times more traffic to a website than other social platforms like, Facebook or Twitter,  and a conversion rate always 4 times

2 – Have you ever heard the expression “the message is in the medium”? Well, Marshall MacLuhan was right; if you deal with a certain topic on Linkedin, this will for sure create a professional halo, on yourself as well, necessary to generate positive effects for your reputation. Be sure to write and propose professional topics; this is not the right platform to post good morning gifs.

3 – Any lead generated with the know-like-trust-sell method, will be able to increase revenues. If our lead trusts us, he will more likely invest a bigger amount of money to buy your product/ service.

Resuming, an advertising campaign on Linkedin might be really effective if:

● Our is a professional Audience

◦ We are targeting B2B

● We want a higher quality of the contact

On the other side, there are some CONS about advertising on this platform:

◦ Might be more expensive in CPC terms

● Audiences are generally smaller than other social networks

Now you know the core principles of Linkedin ads campaigns, but if you want to know how to set a Linkedin business account have a look at this article.

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