Inbound Marketing and digital advertising

January 6, 2020 in News

Inbound Marketing and digital advertising

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing is a kind of strategy that focuses on attracting customers through useful and relevant content, for them, adding value to every single passage of the Customer Journey.

With Inbound Marketing, potential customers find us through channels
such as blogs, search engines and social media, and it is not us anymore to go “hunting”
for customers.

Unlike Outbound marketing, this strategy does not need any best price or promotion related strategy to get new customers; hence, by creating contents to solve problems of our potential customers, we can attract qualified leads and build trust and consideration for our brand.


What is the core difference between Inbound and Outbound?

The bigger difference between the two strategies is measurability.

Website: You can easily monitor your website’s visits, understanding your customers behavior when they are on your website, how much time they spend there, the bounce rate and even which contents they prefer to see.

Social Media: you can easily monitor your community growth, post’s interaction and performance and eventually get some of your followers’ characteristics.

E-mail: throughout the creation and use of newsletter you could easily know how many emails were delivered, opened, binned.

All this measurability so, helps us to keep always controlled our ROI (Return of Investment).

It becomes essential to control the digital places where people hang out; as a result, you should monitor search engines, forums, websites, blogs, social networks, are likely to be places where to find easily potential customers.

But how real customers behave online?

It depends eventually, on the type of need they have; are they conscious or not about their needs?

If their need is conscious we need to first separate it into a generic or a specific need.

⌬ In the first one people look for solutions for their problems or needs;

⌬ In the second, i people know the brand and directly enter the website;

If their need it is unconscious, then they don’t know a brand or don’t look for a specific product on search engines; also, exploring Social Media, thanks to the interests they expressed on the platform, they will receive suggestions for products that reflects users’ preferences.

Social Networks success is due to the fact that it allows people to get closer and build potentially infinite relationships. As human beings we are social animals and one of our core need is to have family and friends, and who care about us.

Inbound marketing digital contents

This is the content that we offer to our customers with Inbound Marketing:

◼︎ Above all: Blog’s articles, Video and Social network posts

◻︎ Very important: Infographics, Testimonials and Influencers, Newsletters and Interviews

◼︎ Noteworthy: Webinars, Podcasts and E-Books

What people is looking for?

So, how can we know the words and terms people use to search online or what is their behavior in that circumstance? There are some tools that helps us to understand better how people research online; moreover, these are very useful to have an idea for a topic, to start to create contents that are answering to our customers’ questions.

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