How to set a Linkedin ad account and to start advertising

January 13, 2020 in News

How to set a Linkedin ad account and to start advertising

We explaining all the core characteristics of Linkedin platform and why you should take it into consideration if you are looking for a B2B social network in this article: What you need to know before to start a Linkedin campaign

In this article we are going to talk about how to set a Linkedin ad account and actually start advertising on this platform.

Linkedin ads format

Let’s have a look to the 4 kind of sponsored format we can use on Linkedin.

As in Facebook we have the possibility to publish an article, video or an images carousel following a link to our landing page, or a contact form directly on Linkedin.

Small ads composed by title, description and a small image.

These appear in the side bar; easy to create, are perfect to bring traffic to a landing page, to get more followers and as well new employees.

The user will receive a private inbox message on Linkedin Mail.

How to set an advertising account on Linkedin

If we want to start to advertise on Linkedin, we need to set the business account by clicking on and advertise after.

As soon as we access to the Campaign Manager interface, we need to set our first account.

After the creation of our account, related to the page or company we want to sponsor, we create the campaign set; here we can manage different campaigns with common goals, i.e. total budget, length and status.

Firstly, let’s specify the name for the campaign Group and for the single campaign.

At this point, we need to choose our marketing goal among the choices;
for different goals we will have different format available.

Imagine to choose Website visits objective for example; we will need to set the geolocation for ad and as well our audience.

Linkedin gives us an estimate of the expected results, based on the
information included.

Eventually, we will need to choose the format of the ad, the budget  and as well, the placement.

Create your Linkedin ad

Create your ad now; choose a name, an interesting introductory text to
have the user’s attention and the URL of your website.

Now you are ready to advertise with your brand new Linkedin ad account!

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