How to make multi-platform advertising works?

December 20, 2019 in News

How to make multi-platform advertising works?

Using multi-platform advertising is very useful and advantageous. It’s a good way to expand your presence on Internet and drive amazing results; but let’s face it, it’s also very challenging. Each platform is unique and represents a different challenge for marketers.

If you are doing it poorly, the results can be catastrophic but if you manage to align your strategy to multiple channels, the results can be impressive and improve your ROI. The advantages of multi- platform advertising are numerous; it increases your reach and helps you to enhance your target by accessing multiple audiences types. Moreover, consistent multi-platform advertising will increase your legitimacy and your perceived size in the eyes of the customers.

But let’s be honest, it’s something difficult to achieve. You must not spread yourself to big or too thin. Advertising through several channels doesn’t mean you have to be everywhere neither. You must choose carefully. Here are some tips and steps to follow in order to succeed in multi-platform advertising.

Establish your strategy and choose objectives

Firstly, you need to choose your strategy and point out the goals you want to achieve. Some media platforms are more suitable for some specific goals. You need to be aware of it. The social media that you will choose, and then, consequently the content and the language depend primarily on your strategy and your goals. You will, indeed, not use the same content for an Instagram or a LinkedIn campaign.

Moreover, the metrics used for estimating the success of your campaign will also be different depending on your goals. While a lead campaign focuses on social media posts interactions, a brand awareness campaign will look more closely to engagement metrics.

Check this article for more informations about the right metrics and KPIs to measure your business performance:

Choose the right social media platform

After choosing the goal of your campaign, you must choose your networks. To do so, we recommend to focus on:

Your Targeted Audience and their demographics

For example, Instagram or Snapchat is commonly used to target young people, while Pinterest is widely preferred by women.

The right device

If you are targeting mobile devices, Twitter and Instagram are made for you while Facebook is more relevant for desktop users.

Your business type

LinkedIn is a network specialised in B2B while Facebook appears to be more general and works for B2B as well as for B2C.

More generally speaking, Facebook and Google Ads are the two networks that are suitable for most of the cases.

Create unique content for each social media

When you have chosen the networks you want to advertise on, you must find a way to create original content for every one of them while staying loyal to your brand’s personality and the platform idea.

Cross-promote your brand

To enhance your multi-platform advertising, you can for example:

>Associate your brand with a famous influencer in a particular network or associate your brand with a non-competitor brand that possesses a similar audience.

>Offer exclusivities and promotions on the different platforms.

>Create a special footer in each message to remain your audience to follow you on your different networks.

Don’t forget to mention your different social networks in each and every one of your posts.

Multi-platform advertising is complicated. Hopefully, there exist some platforms that can help you monitor your results. Currently working with Facebook Ads, Bigbom is soon expanding to Google Ads. Once done, it will help advertisers to do effective cross-platform advertising and get amazing results.

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