How to create the perfect Landing Page

January 16, 2020 in News

How to create the perfect Landing Page

A Landing Page is the page where our ads will be directed. It is not a normal web page, usually based on pleasing first the search engine than the users; The point of a landing page is to catch the eye of the user, avoiding him to leave the website.

The main ingredients of a good landing page are the possibility to write, upload images and to have a contact form. All the rest is a plus but could result really useful to ours goal.

Some landing pages examples

Before to create anything is always good to have a look at what competitors o similar businesses in other geographical areas are producing;

How to improve our Landing Page

If we have to enhance the performance of our landing page is always good to check these elements first:

1. Speed; this is easy to measure, thanks to plenty of free tools online; Check Google Speed Insight to see if your page speed is optimised

2. Desktop and Mobile usability;

3. A consistent connection between landing page, research and advertising; This means that the message has to remain clear in all the passages from the ad, through the topic to the landing page. So, the keywords and the topic of the ad we used has to be found even on the page use has to be the same;

4. A precise, clear and super visible Call-to-Action;

To create perfect functioning landing pages is an integral part of a
professional advertiser job.

If our coding experience is not enough to create the webpage with HTML
or CSS, there are many tools that help us. Here you have a list:

Evaluating landing Pages

One of the things that we are going to do when evaluating our competitors’ campaigns is the landing page analysis. This page can tell us several information about the campaign’s goals and much more.

By analyzing it, we can deduce if the person that is realizing the
marketing action has well-organized the strategy, if he is following any
criteria to optimize the quality score or if is just a landing page’s neophyte.    

We will not be completely certain about the result of their advertising campaign but still if worthy to see the defect in other campaign so to not do the same mistakes.

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