How much should you spend on digital advertising?

December 17, 2019 in News

How much should you spend on digital advertising?

The question of the budget for fundamental for every company and every business. It is so difficult to set a proper budget that most advertisers spend too much or too little on marketing.

The ideal budget depends on so many factors that it is impossible to give a general rule.

So how much money should a marketer spend normally on digital advertising?

The budget depends on the annual revenue (and the percentage of online revenue), on the business type (B2C spend more on marketing than B2B) and on the different conversion rates and the CLV (“Customer Lifetime Value”). The budget also relies on the size of the company.

Smaller business tends to spend more than 10% of their total revenue on digital marketing.

On the other hand, bigger business or more mature marketers tend to spend less on marketing because of a better use of their budget.

Usually, the small and medium-sized businesses spend between 8 and 10% of their total revenue. An average 50% of this budget is, then, allowed to digital advertising.

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