How Instagram platform works?

January 13, 2020 in News

How Instagram platform works?

Instagram was born in 2010 as a social platform made for mobile users; according to Socialbakers’ market research, even if Instagram has still 1 million users less than Facebook, it results to be the social platform with the higher user engagement. But how Instagram works?

So, why is Instagram so engaging?

● After 2016’s update, Instagram algorithm is proposing relevant contents, instead than chronologically.

◦ Users usually spend a lot of time on the platform; many studies reveal as users under 25 years spend on average more than 32 minutes per day on Instagram versus the 24 minutes average for users with more than 25 years.

● Instagram is a visual platform: users prefers visual and images more than text posts.

◦ This social network has a much easier way to interact for users and a less varied content selections’.

What are the essential elements to succeed with your Instagram page?

1 – Quality and consistency of your contents

2 – A correct use of hashtags

3 – You should be constantly publishing contents

Instagram’s Business account

The business profile has some specific features, like the possibility to
analyze your post’s and ads’ performance, as well as the possibility to include
a clear call-to-action on your profile, before of the photo gallery.

You will have as well access to statistical data, that allow you to constantly monitor the performance of your profile, of your contents and as well the kind of followers you have; data remain available for 2 years but not beyond the date you opened the profile.

How to create the perfect Instagram bio

Instagram bio talks about us; you should talk about who you are, what is your business and which are our core values.

It is recommended to include a clear call-to-action to our bio, for example visit our website or give us a call or a message us.

How Instagram work - Bigbom

Even if the system allows us to automatically share our contents on both
Facebook and Instagram platforms, it is not really recommended to do it.

These two platforms have different way to approach the text part. For example, the use of the hashtags is not really suitable for Facebook but works perfectly on Instagram, where they help the user to find any content or topic related to that #term.

How the use of #hashtags works on Instagram

We suggest to insert the hashtag at the very bottom of the caption or directly in the first comment as they might make difficult for your follower to read and understand the copy.

In addition, Instagram let us to put a maximum of 30 hashtags in every post and it is a good habit to use them all.

Thanks to them, our posts are visible even outside of our followers’ network, as they can be found in the explore section, in particular in the Popular section.

We suggest you to prepare at least 3-4 lists of different hashtags ready to be published so you don’t use always the same for your contents.

Instagram marketing Strategy: how to start to publish your contents

If you are a newbie in Instagram your first goal should be the grow of you profile; after that you have to choose, really carefully, your business objectives; would you like to increase brand awareness or engage more your followers or perhaps you are aiming to bring more traffic to your website?

Once you have set your goals and before you publish anything on the platform you should have set as well:

1 – Your contents

2 – The caption for each content

3 – The hashtag for each content

How to increase your followers’ audience

First of all, let’s start from the bases. You will you need:

◦ a serious project where to focus your efforts

● to be constantly publishing interesting contents

○ insert correctly the hashtags

● to analyze the performance of your posts and ads

If you start with this, you are already half way to have a well-structured and interesting Instagram profile. There are some other techniques that might help you:

Shoutouts, i.e. the collaboration with important and well-known profiles that share our contents, if their followers are “in line” with ours.

Interactions with other profiles: you need to comment and like other profiles, in order to rise the interest of the targeted profiles. It is necessary to interact to awake users’ curiosity enough to push them to visit our profile and, if they find it good enough, to follow us back.

Use the Geotag, so that people nearby you can find you easily

Be creative

On Instagram, there is space left for creativity; here you have some examples of impactful and colourful profiles to take a bit of inspiration.

Now that you have all the information, it is your turn to create an Instagram account and to start posting!

If you still have some doubts or you need some help, have a look at our Bigbom blog or at Bigbom.Global on Facebook.

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