Holiday Season: a burden or an opportunity?

December 20, 2019 in News

Holiday Season: a burden or an opportunity?

Who is your audience? Where are they? Which platform do they use? And when are they online? These are some examples of questions a marketers need to inquire about. With an increase of 150% in the number of potential customers looking for inspiration into social media, during the holiday season, those questions are even more important.

While this period can be the good moment to reward the loyalty of your customers, it’s also the perfect timing to boost your ads and reach more people.
Here are some tips to boost your ads during this period :

Plan your holiday program

You will need to plan the holiday season. Don’t forget that influencing is taking time. You must, then, start your holiday program weeks if not months before the official start of the holiday. It’s also during this critical period that you should start doing some A/B testing to determine which are your best-performing ads. You must know your ads’ true value before the beginning of the season.

Use major sales

Major sales promotions lead to more conversions. It seems that the positive emotions linked with holiday reinforce even more this dynamic. Moreover, the potential customers are on the Internet with the intention of buying and some of them are, even, driven by a sense of urgency.
This is an opportunity to set hyper-competitive bids according to the pre-established holiday program.

Use lookalikes audience

Use lookalikes audience to reach new high-potential customers (very similar to your current customers). Expanding your audience will lead you to more sales.

Re-engage customers

Customers that are familiar with your brand and those who have already buy some of your products are more likely to buy than new customers. This phenomenon is even increased if your brand has, by the past, take the time to listen and answer their concerns. You should optimise your bids for this higher-performing audience.

Maintain the brand experience

If your ads during the holiday season should include seasonal elements, the customer must not forget your brand. It’s important to keep elements crucial for brand recognition as well as clear Call-To-Actions.


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