Make performance-based ads easier, faster

with Bigbom – the smart virtual ad assistant born from Machine Learning

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How Does It Work?

Bigbom allows you to optimize your campaigns in just 3 steps

  1. 1
    Register a new account & sync your campaigns

    It will just take you a minute

  2. 2
    Choose “Automate Optimization” mode

    Setup the Target Cost for the campaign you want to optimize

  3. 3
    Free up your time

    Your time is precious, we know it.
    Bigbom will automatically optimize your ads 24/7, so you could stop to worry about tracking ads and enjoy some free time.

Automate tactics to scale your business with AI

Bigbom AI and Machine Learning algorithm work automatically 24/7 at full capacity to help you monitor spending and performance results of your ads.

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Use your budget more effectively

Bigbom automatically tracks, measures and turns OFF ineffective ads immediately.
AI will reallocate the saved budget just on high-performing ads to make sure you get the best results out of your ads.

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Evaluate your campaign performance in 5 levels

Campaign performance is measured on the Target Cost you set.
We rank your ads’ performance with 5 scores: Excellent, Good, Fine, Bad and Very Bad.

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Manage hundreds of different campaigns more easily now

The “Campaign grouping” feature allows you to control your employees performance without having to monitor them 24/7.

In addition, this feature makes easier to manage a great number of different advertising campaigns at the same time.

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Suggest target audience portrait

The algorithm automatically measures, analyzes, and suggests the most suitable target public in order to help your ads to get the best results. Avoid wasting your budget on the wrong audience.

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Analyze campaigns like an Expert

Colorful charts makes easier to read and analyze data like an expert data analyst. Moreover, the user interface and reports have a minimalist design, easy to understand and very user friendly.

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