What you need to know about an E-Mail Marketing campaign

January 13, 2020 in Google

What you need to know about an E-Mail Marketing campaign

E-Mail Marketing consist to send e-mails to a list of contacts, called mailing list.

To get a mailing list you can:

1 – Buy it, more or less outlined, from other businesses

2 – DEM: you can also use lists of third parties. In this case you would not own the e-mails on the list and we would not send directly the newsletter, but we will do it using an external service. The PRO of this tactic is that we have the possibility to get in contact with an outlined public that still does not know us; this may be useful if our strategy is brand awareness or get new client. The CON is that, we will have to buy this service every time we want to use it.

3 – Use an opt-in list, i.e. a list of people that explicitly gave us the consent to receive e-mail from our business.

How do we build an opt-in list for e-mail marketing campaign?

There are different strategies to get an opt-in list:

● With a registration form on your website

◦ Gathering consents in events, fairs, in our shops, ect., still with registration forms

It is really important to cultivate our mailing list and let it grow. Remember to always put the registration form clearly visible for any users to see it on your website and maybe encourage them with some promotions (leads magnet). Least but not last, reassure your customers about your privacy policy.  

Some lead magnet examples

A lead magnet is a free incentive in exchange for a written consent to our mailing list, for example:

◦ Free trials

● Free videos

◦ Free guide

● Coupon or discount

◦ Gifts

How to create a creative and interesting newsletter content

Before to write the content of your e-mail, you should find a captivating text for the subject and the sender of the e-mail. Be creative!

The subject should be interesting enough to stimulate the reader curiosity, as it is the first thing they read and on which they will decide whether or not to open the email; the tone of voice it is different for different targets, but generally it is a good habit to be informal.

The sender as well can push them to open the e-mail; try putting your
first name instead of the name of your company and start with a personal

E-mail content

Let’s express the most direct and easy message possible; any user generally does not want to lose so much time reading e-mails.

1 – Use captivating images: be aware that some e-mail clients block the loading of the images if the sender is unknown.

2 – Do not overlook the textual part

3 – Informal tone of voice: it usually works better a confidential language rather than formal.

4 – Have an explicit call-to-action: all the links and buttons have to be clearly visible for the user.

5 – Let’s try to call the user by name

6 – Subscribe to you competitor’s newsletter!

A good E-Mail marketing campaign has to be extremely regular sending the e-mails; try to fix yourself the right frequency for your newsletter and respect it. Once or twice per week or per months you choose what suits better to your strategy. Users will get used to it over time and will expect to receive our messages regularly.

Similarly, try to avoid to send huge amount of e-mails, as this might annoy some of the people on the list, with the risk to lose their subscription.

If you mainly operate in B2B, it is usually common sense to avoid to send e-mails on Monday, Friday and weekends obviously, and as well try to avoid the lunch break and night times (12.00-14.00 or 21.00-8.00).

But if your business is a B2C, everything changes especially if we are talking about tourist industry; in this case the only thing you have to do, as always, is testing. Test different days of the week and different day frames and analyze the results you get.

Go ahead and start creating your first E-mail marketing campaign following our tips! For more articles about online advertising techniques read our BigBom blog at or follow us on Facebook!

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