How to learn about Google Ads?

December 23, 2019 in Google

How to learn about Google Ads?


If you are planning to do some Paid Advertisement, you will quickly be confronted with Google Ads. It is a very solid way to advertise online, but also a very challenging one.

Elements like the bidding system or the (negative) keywords matching system can be very obscure for any new-comers. However, knowing the whys and wherefores of Google Ads are crucial for any online business.
How and where is it possible to learn this knowledge?

Google Academy and Google Ads Certification

This is, indeed, the most obvious solution to learn about Google advertising.
But as we are going to see, it is not the easiest option.

Going through the Google Ads Certification is proof of your expertise awarded by the tech-giant itself. After taking the tests, you will earn a Google Partner (or a Google Premier Partner) badge that will attest your mastery.

This test, available in different languages and either for individuals or companies, exists for different levels and categories: the basics, to know how to advertise on the search engine, on the Display, on Mobile or in Google Shopping.

Unfortunately, this test is generally seen as too general. It only provides a basic overview and shows general applications. It does, thus, not concern particular problems and hazards that any advertisers will encounter.
Moreover, you need to retake the test each year, as Google never stops evolving and improving.

Learn without Google Certification

Learning without Google Certification does not mean that you don’t need to learn without Google tools. The Essential Google Ads Courses is, of course, the first thing to check to read. The tech-giant provides free courses destined for beginners or for every individual (intermediate users or experts) that need to refresh its memory.

If you don’t mind paying, you can also join companies like Udemy that gives very comprehensives courses among a large choice of topics. If you like that the theory crosses the road of the practice, Udemy can be a good choice.

However, the Certified Knowledge company stays the only Google-Authorized business that provides in-depth training about Google Ads.

Sometimes, you may also like getting out of the online world and read a book.
Then, “The Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords” (4th Edition) is made for you.

Very theoretical, this book is not focused on the “hows” but on the “whys”. Here you can find very good explanations about the uses of advertisement strategies.

Learn with experts and Bigbom

If you prefer in-depth knowledge transmitted directly in person, you can learn with us. By attending Bigbom’s events and workshops, you have access to in-depth knowledge coming directly from attested experts.


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