Google Remarketing Campaigns

January 16, 2020 in Google

Google Remarketing Campaigns

With Google remarketing campaigns, it is possible to reach the people that visit your website in the past, were interested in your product or service, or have characteristic in common to some of our actual customers.

We can use this remarketing lists as a targeting criterion;

Google remarketing campaigns

So, to start to target users with this method we first need to install a tracking code by Google Analytics. We will need to communicate to our users that we are using third parties’ cookies, i.e. cookies that profile user’s behavior and that show them the advertising in line with their interests.

Google remarketing campaigns advantages 

Remarketing lists are really useful to boost performance, CTR and sales,
especially if it is a kind of product or service that requires time,
comparations and reflection.

Obviously, it will not take the same time to choose if to buy a new microwave or a new sailing boat.

So, for luxury goods, tourism or expensive objects, remarketing lists works pretty well, returning nice results, sell-related.

First, select a Display, Search network or Google Shopping.

We can use remarketing for target users that:

1. Viewed some areas/pages of our website

If our website is an e-commerce, selling electronic devises for example, and we want to increase the purchases for a specific brand of computers, it is probable that, using a remarketing list to advertise that computer brand to users that already viewed that website page before, will be more effective than advertise it to people that are not really lokking for that product.

Had a higher level of engagement or actions within our website

More a user is engaged, more he is reactive for our Google remarketing campaigns; An example, might be users that put some product in the online chart but never realized the purchase. These activities are easy to track with Analytics, that is even able to create Smart Goals, easy to use for remarketing lists.

At the same time, we can even offer to this audience specific
personalized offers, like gadgets or discounts. As well, this kind of campaigns
will have a higher return on investment than offering it to an untargeted

Dynamic Remarketing

This means to show to the audience, banners with products that he just saw on the website; certainly, this is kind of compulsory for any big e-commerce or tourist agency, and it is extremely rewarding in terms of purchases.

Customer match lists

In this case you are using online and offline data to engage back your users. This advertising tool is useful for different business goals, like brand awareness and conversions.

This data might result from newsletter mailing lists or from some forms collected offline, like fairs or events; even if this data do not expire, their only cons of these list is that you will need at least 1.000 valid e-mail addresses to use this data.

Look-alike audiences

We have the possibility to expand our original lists with users that view websites similar to ours, looking for similar contents on Google, for example.

These lists are interesting to use and test, but the efficiency of the campaign will depend strictly to how the starting list was specific and our offer suitable to them.

Excluded Target audiences

Certainly, all the targeted audiences can be used both in a positive or negative way. Even negative audiences are extremely important in remarketing; for example, we could exclude all the users that were actually converted, so to don’t stress them, by offering a product that is difficult to buy two times in a row.

NB: remember to always write for any audience’s section, the variables for which the audience was segmented, in order to minimize the mistakes and simplify data reading.  

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