Google Keyword Planner and other SEO tools

January 17, 2020 in Google

Google Keyword Planner and other SEO tools

One of the most difficult things to do when planning an ad campaign, is
to evaluate whether or not is the case is profitable to execute it.

Google Ads provides us a great and useful tool, called Google Keyword

Where do I find Google Keyword Planner?

First of all, inside your Google account, click on Tools and Settings.

google keyword planner

When we arrive at this screenshot, we have two possibilities:

The first option is useful if we need to obtain new suggestions for our keywords list. Take advantages form suggestions that we can include like other keywords, page links or entire domains.

The second option allow us to view research volumes and cost’s forecasts, based on historical data gathered through the platform.

Google keyword planner will give us the results for a period of time the we will set together with location, language and network.

We even have the possibility to add the keywords to an hypothetical plan for a campaign and use then the second tool “Search volumes and forecasts”.

google keyword planner

The tool will a spent and result forecasts based on data collected over time. Despite proposing us a recommended click offer, we could work to modify it both for the whole plan and for single keywords.  In addition, we can also modify our forecasts even for different periods of time.

google keyword planner

Even in this section, we can choose to segment more the keyboards, to include them with a different match o to proced directly to create the ad campaign.

Other SEO and keyword tools

There are other tools that helps us to find new keyword:

Semrush, starting from our website we will able to analyze for which keywords this website is positioned and add them to our list; at the same time we could even have a look to our competitors keywords and take some inspiration;

Ubersuggest, a SEO tool useful when we are researching the market;, similar to the previous tool but more useful to look for new keywords;, very useful to create automated twines of keywords;, new ideas for more keywords;

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