Google adv: Attribution models

January 16, 2020 in Google

Google adv: Attribution models

The customer journey is almost never direct and requires always several steps to get to the final conversion. The user, also, needs to find out more information and different opinions to be sure that the action that he is about to take is the right choice.

Attribution Models helps us to equitably distribute a conversion responsibility towards different keyword, ads, ad sets, etc., …

Attribution models

To check which attribution model are we using, we need to click on
“Tools and Settings”, in the section “Measurability” under “Conversions”.

So, by default, all of our conversions will have “last click” attribution model.

Last click

attribution models

Basically, in this model, all the responsibility for the conversion is given to the last touchpoint. This model will never have fragmented figures, but instead always integers.

First click

attribution models

So, this is the inverse reasoning as the previous; the whole responsibility is given to the first click. This kind of model is mainly used in brand awareness campaigns. As for the previous model, we will have always integers.


attribution models

This model spread the responsibility for the conversion to all the
different touchpoints that contribute to arrive at the final conversion. For
example, if I have an ad, sponsored for 10 different keywords, at the
conversion level I will see 0,10.

In addition, this model is used as well for brand awareness campaigns or wide-ranging considerations.

Time decay

The conversion, in this model, is given to the last touchpoint. It is mainly used to monitor conversions that need different timing. In some cases, you will need to set Google Ads conversions beyond the 30 days, if you are working with wide time ranging.

Position based

In this model, the responsibility for the conversion is spread through all touchpoints, not equitably though; the first and the last touchpoint receive, respectively the 40% of responsibility each and the rest 20% is distributed on the remaining touchpoints. This model gives us the perfect idea of how responsibility is actually spread during a customer journey.


attribution models

Probably, if you just create an account or you are using Google Ads since not much time, this model is not yet available to you. Hence, to be able to use this model you have to register several thousand of conversions within 30 days. As this model use Google machine learning to share the responsibility to the various keywords based on data that it collected over some time.

We recommend, also, to always double check the attribution model of your conversions to have a more precise idea of the customer journey toward the conversion.

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