Gmail Ads Campaigns

February 3, 2020 in Google

Gmail Ads Campaigns

Gmail Ads campaign are simply a subgroup of Display Campaigns, which use as placement the Gmail Email boxes of users.

The ad’s structure is based on a “similar email”, where we will add the name of our business, used as sender, and a title in the object of the email.

Gmail Ads campaigns

Inside our email we
will include a good description, always 90 characters, some images assets and
possibly a video. It is even possible to include a different message between
the object and the email content, so to obtain two communication prospective.

A common example for the object might be “get the 20% discount”, keep in mind that for this section you will have just 25 available characters; try, as well, to recall this in the email title, calling to mind the previous offer.

At the same time, we
have also the possibility to insert several images that will work as a catalog
of your products, maybe with a different call to action for each image.

This might remember
you a normal email marketing action, but differently from that we will never
know the emails and other sensible data from users.

One of the metrics that we would have to analyze will be the opening rate of our emails, a specific metric of this kind of campaigns.

How to get the best from Gmail Ads Campaigns?

For example, you
could create a custom audience, based on some well-converting keywords; you
will need minimum 50 different keywords.

This kind of campaigns, also, works really good for remarketing; remember these remarketing lists, as it works for Google Display Network, has to contain at least 100 visitors or active users in the previous 30 days to allow to publish the advertising.

NB: The audiences lists for Gmail Ads will be different from the list you will find for Display campaigns.

Even if this campaign
has been a lot underestimated and not so commonly used lately, we still think
that deserves a chance. If on one side, we will probably have a lower CPC, due
to a lack of strong competition, on the other we cannot expect a huge opening
rate and neither a great amount of conversions.

This kind of campaigns convert with an average conversion cost, however just not big amount.

Due to that costs are for sure limited as well; so, next time you have an extra budget to use, that is not enough big for a Display Campaign Give this Gmail Ads Campaign a try.

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