Choose the right Google keywords

January 17, 2020 in Google

Choose the right Google keywords

How important are keywords in Google Advertising

Google keywords and the kind of correspondence need to be clear and it is really important as well to learn how to look for new one and evaluate them; certainly, this it is an essential characteristic of any Google Ads professional.

First of all, is clear that the keywords we choose are “the trigger” of
our ads; if we configured them in a good way, anyway, might deactivate our
advertising as well.

It is worth specifying that a keyword might be composed of several words, it is not binding that this has to be composed from a single word.

Google keyword

In these two examples we see the necessity of specifying and use more complete keywords for our ads, as sometimes Google itself is not sure about what we meant with that word.

Broad Match

This is Google default option; this is the most generic keyword and
trigger our ads for searches including spelling mistakes, synonyms, related
researches and other relevant variants.

The use of this kind of keyword match is not really efficient; usually
this bring to extreme expenses on keywords that as nothing, or very little, to
do with our ads.

To use this kind of keyword match, you just need to insert the word exactly as it is, with no special symbols.

EXAMPLES: Imagine that you need to advertise to increment purchases for
a pen shop. If you use “pen” as a broad match keyword, this will trigger your
advertising for:

● USB pen

○ Pen, Indian city

● Pen, currency code of Peru

◦ Pen, as a polymer called polyethylene naphthalate

It is kind of clear how this kind of matches are inappropriate and out
of place.

Anyway, this results useful just when you do not really know which keywords our customers are typing. Surely, you will need a big budget to test this kind of keywords.

Phrase Match

This kind of keyword match allow your ads to be triggered by sentences or similar variants that add words before and after. This kind of match have a medium level of selectivity and to use it remember to insert you keyword in between inverted commas.

EXAMPLES: The keyword “cover iphone” that we have choosen, will trigger researches for <cover iphone with glitters> or <wooden cover iphone> but not for <iphone charger>.

Broad Match Modifier

This is a kind of evolution of the broad match keyword; in this type of
match, the search terms that are going to trigger our ads, have to be present
in the query with the exact word or with strict synonyms or with the root.

It is kind of halfway between the phrase and the broad match, but still more similar to the former, relatively to its applications and functioning.

To activate this kind of match we need to insert the symbol “+” before
every term of the keyword.

EXAMPLE: +bicycle +repairing will activate searches for:

-bicycle repairing

-repairing bicycles in NY

-repairing bicycles and motorbikes

But it will not activate searches for:

-Bicycles selling

-Repairing motorbikes

-Cross bicycles

This kind of match is definitely better respect the broad match because allow us to qualify more our traffic.

Exact Match

This is the most selective match type for keywords; this kind of
keywords will trigger our ads only and exclusively for researches made with the
exact term, with a misspelling mistake or the same term plus conjunctions,
paraphrases and synonyms with the same research intent.

You active this match by inserting the keyword between squared
parenthesis. This type of match is really used when we know exactly what our
users are looking for on the internet; even if here the audience is not very
big, the CTR for this kind of keywords has strong values.

The Google AI is able to understand the possible correlation between an
exact match keyword and a user search intent.

Thank to this characteristic, Google will publish the ads for misspelled words, singular and plurals, accented words and words in a different order.

Let’s resume all the different characteristics of the four types of keywords:

Negative keywords

Last but not least, negative keywords are extremely important in Google Ads and it is better to start learning how to use them; these negative keywords allow us to exclude our ads for some specific keywords.

These keywords work in the opposite way respect the other kind of
matches; it helps us to exclude the terms that we don’t want absolutely to be
connected to our ads.

When we insert these negative keywords, we can always use the other kind
of matches and add + or [..] to filter even more Google results.  

EXAMPLE: We sell musical keyboards and we want to advertise with Google

In the negative keywords box we will include “pc keyboard”, “mac keyboard”, [asus keyboards] and [iphone keyboards].

This will trigger researches for:

◦ Casio keyboard

● Yamaha keyboard

But not for:

◦ keyboards pc window

● keyword imac 27 inches

This kind of match is essential to be used for the success of any kind of advertising campaign.

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