Automated vs Manual Bidding on Google Ads

December 20, 2019 in Google

Automated vs Manual Bidding on Google Ads

Which one is better for your Google Ads Campaigns?

Bidding on Google Ads it can be very unclear and cloudy sometimes. As Pay-Per-Clicks campaigns tend to have really impressive results for online marketing, Google Ads bidding system is a tool that every professional advertiser should know.

Pay-Per-Clicks campaigns have astonishing advantages for online marketers. However, sometimes, it can seem very unclear and cloudy. One of the main reasons for this confusion is the bidding system.

The bid is the maximum amount of money that you are willing to spend for a given result (i.e. visibility on a given keyword). The core objective of any advertiser is, obviously, to decrease bids on low performing keywords while increasing bids on high-performing keywords. When you are running a Google Ads Campaign, you will rather quickly be facing a pivotal choice: are you going to choose a manual or an automated bidding?

If manual bidding lets you set your amount of money, the automated bidding will set your bids based on different factors. With their new feature “Smart Bidding”, Google offers several types of bidding strategies to suit more campaign goals; CPA bidding, ROAS bidding or Conversion bidding. However, automated bidding can suffer from a lack of trust. The debate is not as easy as it seems at first look.

Automated bidding

The automated bidding was designed to be a time-saver and help you meet your performance goals whatever they are. Nonetheless, always remember that one-size-doesn’t-fit-all; you must choose carefully your bidding strategies depending on your business strategy and goals.

This is why automated bidding suits for new-comers while they learn how bidding system works or as well as for experts that need to manage a large amount of accounts and dispose of a flexible budget.

If you are using the automated bidding, please “don’t set & forget” and be patient. Good bidding will go through a trial and error process.

Pro Tip: Set the bidding on the Campaign Level, not on the Account Level. That will give you more flexibility and generally speaking, a single bidding strategy does not suit to all your campaign.

Manual bidding

Manual bidding looks more complicated but if you are considering choosing this option, you will not be empty-handed. Google offers you some tools to help you. Even with a manual bidding strategy, you have the disposal of guidance and automated rules; you can, for example, demand Google to boost your bidding in some given situations.

Manual bidding is also allowing you to assign different bid amount to different types of keywords match. Here, we recommend setting a higher bidding on the exact match rather than broad match.

Manual Bidding then appears better for experts who are able to foresee marketplace changes; also suits marketers running a smaller seasonal business (a problem that the Google algorithm still has some difficulties to handle).

Manual Bidding is then the best option in the long run? In fact, a mix between the two, namely manual bidding supported by custom automation, seems to be the perfect solution.

However, if you are not understanding perfectly the bidding system, this article was not written to scare you. If you want to know more about bidding system or Google Ads Campaign? Check our website or our FB Page.


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