What are interactive ads? Why are they highly effective?

December 17, 2019 in Facebook

What are interactive ads? Why are they highly effective?

Commercial messages are everywhere. There are so many advertisements (off-line and online), that people often have the feeling to be overwhelmed by it and start to ignore it. Recently, new online software allows users to block any kind of commercials. Interactive Ads could be the solution for online marketers. And we are going to see why. But first, let’s discuss about what is an interactive ad.

What are interactive ads?

The interactive ads are a new kind of ads that appeal the customer to directly engage with the ad in a new immersive way. They can no longer just passively acknowledge the ad but they must physically interact with the advertisement. For marketers, this trend grants them the opportunity to be creative and to personalise their ads. It’s a new mean for companies to tell stories about their brand.

If the best place to display an interactive ad is online, and more particularly on social media like Facebook or Instagram, we can witness their development on other channels like on TV or even on paper magazines (as we are going to see hereafter).

Some examples of interactive ads

The most common type of interactive ads are the playable ads or ads where users are invited to swipe to chose an option. Another common format is a contact form to complete without leaving the social media. However, some companies have shown more creativity and have declined this type of advertisement into interesting formats.

It’s the case of Verizon that has encouraged the Star Wars fans to share theories on Twitter about the upcoming film in exchange for free movie tickets. The Snapchat lenses are also a very famous type of interactive ads.

The company encourages people to try some elements of a particular brand experience. Interactive Ads are also a good way to take advantage of current events. Spotify, for example, encourages Canadian users to create a play-list for every American that had pledged to leave the countries if the Donald Trump won the presidential elections that year.

Coca-Cola, in association with Shazam, also created an interesting way to advertise: the drinkable ad. The customers received a picture of an empty glass of Coca-Cola that was pouring every time they used Shazam (at home or in a festival, that did not matter). When the glasses were filled, the users received a coupon for a free Coca-Cola Zero bottle.

However interactive ads are not the preserve of online advertising. For example Reebok, installed a speed cam in the street of a city, suggesting that who will run past the display the fastest would receive a free pair of shoes. Peugeot put this to another level with an interactive ad into a paper-magazine. The first page shows a picture of the front view of a car with the inscription “Hit the Ad”. When the user did it, a micro airbag inflates on the next two pages.

Interactive ads -Bigbom-

Pros of interactive Facebook ads

As we can imagine, interactive ads have a lot of advantages.
First of all, they engage the consumers directly. The ad becomes more memorable and incites the users to stay longer on that ad. Moreover, if the user is correctly stimulated and have fun, your ad will be more effective. The conversion rate can quickly be multiplied.

The second reason is more company-based. Interactive Ads grant the opportunity to display more creativity and thereby differentiate the brand for the competitors. Users are, then, less likely to ignore the ad and so preserves the effectiveness of your commercial message.
Finally, this can allow you to gain in-depth data about your customers and the efficiency of your message. You will then be able to reformulate your approach if necessary.

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