The major problems your Facebook ads can face

December 20, 2019 in Facebook

The major problems your Facebook ads can face

Sometimes, it can happen that your ads completely stops running on Facebook. That can cause a lot of problems for you or your business. As the famous proverb says, those who do not know the past are condemned to repeat it. Therefore, it is fundamental to understand where the problem comes from.

The major problems your Facebook ads can face

This is the reason why Bigbom wants to list some of the major issues that can explain why your ad stops running.

Your Facebook ad is not approved

The first thing to look at is Facebook policies. This is a common mistake and more than 90% of the online advertisers face, at least once in their career. Facebook policies impose restrictions on several products, on offensive content or even on some pictures that do not fit with the social network requirements.
Before doing some online advertising, you will need to know the basic knowledge of the Facebook policies and, of course, check if you are not advertising about a forbidden product.

Your Facebook ad has been suspended

If your ad is not running anymore, it can be because it was suspended for a reason or another. To check, go to your Facebook Ads Manager and look if your campaign have been temporarily suspended.

Your advertising campaign has reached its spending limit

If you have set a spending limit, your ad will automatically stop if you cross this line. If you don’t want this to happen, you can either expand the advertising budget or set your budget for a certain amount of time.

Schedule your Facebookd ads

When you are running an ad you can choose to manually turn on and off your ads, but you can also choose to set a lifetime schedule. If you do so, some good ads can be inadvertently stopped.

Your audience is too small

If your ad is targeting a too narrow audience (approximately less than 1000 people), Facebook will find it difficult to display the ad and, in the end, will choose to stop it. It can happen if you customise your audience and divide it into many demographics or behaviour.
The solution, in that case, is to expand your audience so that it will help your Facebook advertisement to reach more people.

Your ad was modified

If you change even the slightest detail, your ad must come back to Facebook for approval. It can be the content, the picture, the budget or even the bidding. During the time your ad needs to be approved again, it will be suspended from distribution.

Be sure to check carefully your ad to make sure every detail is good before displaying it. If you need a second approval, it will waste your time and, thus, your money.


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