The importance of Ad Tracking

January 9, 2020 in Facebook

The importance of Ad Tracking

Why is necessary to track and monitor our ads

Ad Tracking is the essential core of inbound marketing and it means to gather data for your ads to measure the results of your advertising campaigns and so, get insights of your audience.

In this way
we can understand whether our campaign was effective or not, compared to your
KPIs and business’ goals.

Ad Tracking - Bigbom -

First of all, how do we track our ads?

There are three main ways to track your ads:

1 – Cookie: You need to get user permission for tracking their behavior on your website; it is basically a piece of code that allow us to recognize users that have already been visiting us and know their behavior on our website (contents they are looking at, if they followed our link , location, device, etc..) and if there is any conversion. You could use it as well for retargeting campaigns.

2 – Pixels: even for Pixels you need to ask permission to the user to collect the data; this transparent 1×1 image, will help you to track Facebook users’ behavior, for example if they followed a sponsored link from the platform to the website and as well to build and create customized audiences for your product.

3 – Custom links: if you are advertising on multiple platforms, you could choose to track a customized link to know exactly which platform your visitors come from.

Why is ad tracking so important for your business?

One of the very first things we should do when we design marketing strategy is to define our audience; the reason is really simple, better you know your ideal customer, easier will be to understand their necessities and eventually, sell them your product.

But when we first start our online marketing campaign, we don’t have any data on which to base our assumptions; that is why we need to track our ads to gather as much information as possible to have a better picture of our actual public.

More you know them, more tailored would be the information we provide them, and so, more likely they will convert in our customers.

Ad tracking: 4 reasons to start now

Know your audience better

If your goal is to get conversions, your ads have to be interesting for your audience. Track your ads to understand how people behave online and hence, what are their buying habits and interests.

Get the best out of your ads

How are people interacting with your ads? Do they find it interesting or do they ignore it? To get the best out of your ads you need to test a lot; who knows which ad format or content type your audience prefer? You should have enough information to offer to your public the best experience, that is satisfying their expectations.

Retarget a lukewarm public

Tracking ads allow you to know whether a user had any contact with your brand or product in the past; this is a lukewarm public, i.e. an audience that knows you already and more important, that is easier to convert for you. Let’s propose them something they were about to buy or a product you know they liked or bought before.

Increase your ROI

Better you forecast your customers’ needs, more your ads will be tailored to your audience; this means also, that your ads will convert more and you will earn more for your sales, as every money you spent for advertising and tracking ads will get back to you in the form of sales.

We at BigBom know very well the importance of ad tracking and especially how much it can affect the success of any advertising campaign.

Bigbom helps you to improve your ads efficiency, automatically allocating part of your budget for your ads for A/B testing. As well, with its wider database and its advanced algorithm you will be able to get the very best from your ads without loosing any money neither time.

It has never been easier to optimize your Facebook ads campaigns, as with Bigbom.

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