Lead Ads

January 16, 2020 in Facebook

Lead Ads

Lead ads are a kind of paid advertising that mainly gather contacts information from users.

The information you can collect is:

1. e-mail address

2. telephone number

3. address

4. date of birth

5. sex

6. relationship status

7. professional title

8. company e-mail

9. company telephone

Lead ads are a fastest alternative to landing pages, where you don’t need to write the information in the boxes and is mobile optimized already.

Restrictions and characteristics of lead ads

The advertiser has to accept some conditions when creating Leads Ads:

● Declares that he is not going to share this data with anyone

○ He has to provide to the system an external link where, he gives all the personal information of the person in charge to manage the data

● Declares that he is not going to sell them to anyone

Differences respect a normal ad

Respect a normal ad, this type of advertising requires always to create a new post, with a CTA and even to create a registration form replacing the landing page form on our website.

How to create a lead ad

The lead generation is this marketing action that enables you to generate a list of possible clients interested to a business’ product or service.

Leads ads

As soon as you will reach the ad set section, you will need to accept
Facebook terms and conditions to use this type of ads.

The definition of the audience, budget, placement and timing for our lead ads remains unchanged.

The post, is realized at the ad level, similarly to any other ad.

Lead ads contact form

Leads ads

You have even the possibility to add some more questions in the form;
this allow you to segment your audience after gathering the information.

But pay attention to not create too many questions in your form; people do not really like to spend much time completing a form, so we recommend you to ask for the essential information you need.

Privacy Policy

You will need to accept Facebook rules regarding data processing, as well you will need to give Fcaebook some reference about the person that is going to process the personal data in accordance with local privacy regulations.

Leads ads

The thank you screen is the final section of the form, appearing when someone fulfilled the form correctly. You can as well send the people to your Facebook page, to some specific pages of your website or the homepage. 

Here we are, we have realized our first Lead ad.

Processing data

Once you have gathered all the data from your lead ads, you can see them in Facebook ads manager at the ad section; Much easier anyway is to visualize them directly on the page at the section Publishing Tools => Forms Library.

Here you will find all the contact forms realized in the Ads and for each of them you will have the possibility to download the contacts gathered.

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