Is Facebook Blueprint a good resource to learn about FB Ads?

December 20, 2019 in Facebook

Is Facebook Blueprint a good resource to learn about FB Ads?

What is Facebook Blueprint?

Facebook Blueprint is a free online learning and training platform launched in 2015; since then gives the opportunity to attend e-courses on Facebook and Instagram advertising. There are currently between 75 and 90 courses (that take between 15 and 50 minutes to complete).

Is Facebook Blueprint a good resource to learn about FB Ads?

In other words, it represents a way to learn the ins and outs of Facebook Advertising while staying up to date with Facebook updates. You can enroll in one or multiple courses. There are courses for new-comers (“How to create a Facebook page”), for the beginner and intermediate-range (about the bidding system or the payment methods) as well as for advanced marketers.

You can also choose a course depending on a specific topic (there are 11 courses about the targeted audience), specific platform (understand messenger, understand Instagram) or specific goals (brand awareness, generate leads, promote a new application or increase online sales).
However, the most attended courses are about measuring and managing the campaigns.


At the end of the courses, if your score in the test is above 700, you will receive, a certificate of completion. There are currently three types of certification:

The Facebook Certified Media Planning Professional: create a strategy that is well align with your business goals.

The Facebook Certified Media Buying Professional: advanced knowledge on tool-sets and practices required to buy ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger.

Facebook Certified Ads Product Developer: about the implementation of marketing solutions.

If you fail, you can pass the test how many times you want. However, you must wait 30 days and pay once again the 150 USD fee. Note that there is also the service called : “Blueprint Live”. This invite-only service corresponds to a one-day, in-person workshop about advanced knowledge on Facebook and Instagram marketing.

Pros and cons

The courses are free and represent the best way to expand your Facebook advertising knowledge. The price for this certification is about 150$ and it expire every year to be sure that you stay up to date. Despite all it is still the key element that asserts your mastery and proves that you are at the top. Facebook Blueprint is the highest accreditation offered by Facebook ad shows to everybody that you are actually a real expert.

Moreover, you will receive a certificate and a customised badge that you will be able to display on Facebook and other social media as well that in your e- mail signature. This certification is important but it becomes crucial for any business that wants to make Facebook advertising its priority.


To succeed, the key element is, of course, preparation. To do so, Bigbom is offering you the possibility to learn about Facebook Ads from top-experts; you will be attending Bigbom events and free quality workshops all year long.

You can also read the series of articles posted on the Bigbom blog to answer some specific questions. To be sure to don’t any of those events, follow us on our Facebook Page.


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