How do ads on Facebook work?

January 13, 2020 in Facebook

How do ads on Facebook work?

First of all, let’s understand clearly how does Facebook advertising work; in addition, where our ads will be published, how the Facebook newsfeed is composed and how it works.
Every news feed is different for each users; it is also, filtered by Facebook algorithm, whose proposes what he believes to be more relevant and interesting for that user.

Facebook main goal is to keep us in the platform for as long as possible; consequently, this is the reason why the algorithm is mainly promoting ours friends’ posts.

How does Facebook ads work?

Moreover, businesses, and their relatives pages, have two ways to get their posts published in users’ newsfeed:

Organic search: more a post receive interaction from users, more the algorithm will consider it valuable, increasing its visibility.

Paid search: new users who do not know our brand it is necessary to pay Facebook to have it sponsored.

What is a Facebook ad exactly?

It is a tool by Facebook that allows users to get more visibility on the newsfeed of a target audience. As a result, we will find our sponsored posts on Facebook (App, Mobile and desktop), Instagram App, Messenger App and Audience Network App, Mobile and Desktop.

As advertisers, Facebook gives us some very useful information;

How Fcebook ad work -Facebook Social Graph

Also, we give Facebook so many information daily like date of birth, schools we attended, relationships, interests and so on.

So, which information every Facebook advertiser should specify before to start any campaign?

Facebook ads how they work - Bigbom

What do you need to work with Facebook Ads?

Firstly, you will need an advertiser account; you can activate it from your personal profile.

After that, we need to create or connect a Facebook page, as the ads has
to be always connected one page.

Finally, we will need to specify a payment method for each advertiser account.

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