How advertise on Instagram from Facebook

January 13, 2020 in Facebook

How advertise on Instagram from Facebook

Start now to publish Instagram ads through Facebook

It is not so easy to create ad Instagram ad; consider that this platform was made to use from mobiles and also the sponsored posts do not make an exception. That is way was introduced the possibility to advertise on Instagram from Facebook ad manager.

You can also create an Instagram post from your Facebook ads manager so, in this way, you can sponsor your post from a desktop.

Instagram Ads platform

If you have a business account on Instagram you know what we are talking about; you can select your sponsor your published posts, on your wall, adding some budget.

But the most difficult thing still remains to work from a mobile device, as it has some important limitations.

It was always possible to advertise on Instagram posts through Facebook; in that case your FB post was disguised as an Instagram post and that was kind of disappointing.

Instagram ads from Facebook

To make all this process easier, it is eventually possible to sponsor your Instagram posts from Facebook Ads Manager; still, not all the Facebook Ads goals, are suitable for Instagram ads as well.

You will be able to choose among these objectives:

● Brand awareness

○ Post interactions

● Video Impressions

◦ Coverage

Once you have selected your campaign goal, you move to an ad group, and define your audience, geolocation, budget and the duration of the campaign.

On the placement section, remember to select just Instagram feed, if you want your post to be published only on IG platform.

Instagram Ads

On the placement section, remember to select just the Instagram feed, if you want your post to be published only on IG platform.

Thick on how many boxes you think is right for your campaign.

How to create an Instagram ad from Facebook Ad Manager

Even if you are sponsoring your post throughout Facebook you still need to have an Instagram business account;so, when you are editing the ad remember to select the voice “existing post” and the right Instagram business account, in the Identity section.

We are almost about to publish our Instagram ad; seems like we are missing only one thing: define the post that will be sponsored. 

In the Ad Creative section, let’s click on “select the post” and let’s look for every post that present the IG icon on the left side.


Now we can finally create IG posts easily and efficiently from a desktop.

Pay attention and remember that you cannot select all the Facebook goals for your campaigns on Instagram; so, think carefully about your goal before to act and to do anything not clever. If our goal is to make our Instagram profile grow, boosting our visits and followers, we will necessarily need operate from the App, with all the difficulties of the case.

Now it is your turn, good luck!

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