BigBom: the best solution to boost your ROI

December 20, 2019 in Facebook

BigBom: the best solution to boost your ROI

Raise your ROI by 50% and saves 80% resources

Improving you ROI with a relatively small investment is for sure a good deal. In few words, this is what online marketing is all about. With Bigbom, you can now transform this good deal into a great deal.

When it was created, Bigbom’s first objective was to boost performance and efficiency of advertising campaigns; working along with Facebook Ads, we have launched Bigbom Ads, our offer for the online advertising market.

This powerful tool, Bigbom Ads, is divided in four different sections, even called RAMA:

  • Results
  • Automation
  • Management
  • Audience

Through these four elements, Bigbom stands out as the ideal solution to enhance the ROI of your online marketing campaigns; the perfect opportunity to create an advertising campaign based on performance.

Bigbom Ads is supporting you every step of the way.

The right size for your audience

One of the first confusing things to set is the size of your AUDIENCE.
Firstly you need to understand who are your customers. You should research the most convenient audience for you, all the people already and possibly interested in your products. Otherwise stated, old and new potential customers.

By providing you a full-scale and comprehensive database, Bigbom will help you find the perfect targeted audience without headaches. Understanding the demography of your audience will help you pick the right public size faster and, generally speaking, more efficiently.

Once you have found your audience, you can start to create your advertising campaign: contents, titles, text and, last but not least, pictures. We can’t do this for you, but you can find some useful TIPS on our Bigbom blog. We write every day to help you dealing with any online advertising difficulty you may find on your path.

Analysing your digital advertisement with Bigbom

Start optimizing with BigBom

Now, you are ready. You can start running your advertising campaigns with Facebook Ads. If you are not an advertisement expert, managing your ads will take you so much effort and probably all of your time. With its automated algorithm, Bigbom ensures the AUTOMATIC OPTIMISATION of your ads, supporting you by automating some crucial decisions that must be taken quickly.

For example, Bigbom will automatically stop running the ads that have been rated as bad or mediocre (through a set of business metrics) and allocate the saved budget to efficient ads with great performances. Bigbom can also reactivate, before you even notice, the ads that have been accidentally been stopped.

In that way, you will save a tremendous amount of time while you can make sure that Bigbom is working on the optimization of your campaign’s ROI. Soon, Bigbom will also be able to automatically duplicate the good ads. Now, if you are a more advanced marketer, you will find in Bigbom, the ideal tool to MANAGE all your campaign while staying sign in into multiple advertising accounts.

Finally, it’s time to analyze how your ads have performed. Here again, Bigbom can be your best ally. Thanks to its strong insights and metrics database, you can make a summary of the performance of your campaign. But, the most interesting thing about this, is that you can compare your ads’s performance, while they are still running. This easy-to-read database allows you to track all your RESULTS in real-time. Since the advertising world is ruled by the “trial-and-error” system, you can also find Bigbom’s A/B testing very useful.

Increase up your ROI by 50%

With Bigbom, your campaigns will increase their ROI up by 50%, while it allows you to save up to 80% of time and efforts; it’s easy to optimise the performance of your ads and make sure that just your best ads are running and are generating the highest ROI possible.

Let’s finish by saying that the solution provided by Bigbom is not over yet. The company is currently working on implementing Smart Contract technology to tackle down the professionalism problem that is undermining online advertising. When you hire a Digital Marketing Agency, the collaboration can definitely be suffering from lack of trust; thanks to blockchain technology, we are now sure that every participant will benefit from any transaction.

Bigbom will continue to work hard to become the key solutions to any problem related to this fast-paced growing digital advertising market. It will be a steep path, full of obstacles, but it is for sure something is worth fighting for.

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