All the makings of Facebook Pixel

January 13, 2020 in Facebook

All the makings of Facebook Pixel

Now that you installed Facebook Pixel it is time to enjoy and take advantage from all its amazing potentiality. As we said before, we need Pixel to monitor, not just Facebook logged users’ traffic to our website, but even the actions that these people take on our pages.

Facebook Pixel

So, it is possible to define a strategy to guide users to take always more important actions for us; from visualize a website page, to the check-out after an e-commerce purchase, for example. 

How do I monitor my conversions?

There are two kind of ways to monitor conversions:

1. Standard Actions, like adding voices to
the code script we use on our website (we might need a coder’s intervention)

2. Custom Conversions, defining for each conversion a specific URL (without touching the script code)  

Once we defined the conversions and how much we value them is essential, however, to create a different custom audience for each type of conversion we want to monitor.

So, if you don’t remember how to create and set a custom and look-alike audience check this article out.

Facebook Pixel -Bigbom-

You can create a Custom Audience at this link:; remember to select the Pixel you just create as an origin for the public.

Gradually as more Facebook users will visit our website, you will see Pixel’s figures increase; you could also create ads campaigns on a pre-selected audience, which knows your brand, your product and your website.

You will see how many benefits and results, in terms of conversions and saved budget, you will get from tracking your ads.

NB: Facebook Pixel has still a big limitation: it will store your data for a maximum of 180 days, so keep this in mind when you take your considerations.

Advices for a good Pixel experience

We keep saying it, the
first thing you should do as soon as you open a website is to install Facebook
Pixel and a Custom Audience, regardless of whether we use or not Facebook Ads.

At the very beginning we will not have so much traffic, but these data will be useful to directly lower our campaigns’ budget from the very beginning.

Another advice that we can give you is to create ads campaigns to get traffic to your website (at least at the beginning), so that your Pixel is working with a qualified traffic. As Facebook Pixel is an AI algorithm, it can learn from itself; it understands which profile usually click on the ads and the next time it will have a clearer idea of who, in the target audience, have more chances to click the ad.

Facebook Pixel is very faithful ally of our Facebook ads, keep it in mind!

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