Ad optimization: what does it mean and why we should do it

January 8, 2020 in Facebook

Ad optimization: what does it mean and why we should do it

If it is the first time that you hear about ad optimization and you are quite new to online advertising this article might be very interesting for you.

To optimize an ad basically means, that you are getting the best possible result out of it, in terms of marketing strategy; it should be related to some important metrics for your industry and product as well.

First, set you business goals

Firstly, to optimize your ads you need to have a goal; you should comparing the performance of your ad to a business objective that you are trying to obtain with your campaign.

Check this article to get some useful tips on how to build an effective marketing strategy:

Once you have set your business goals, you will need to start to monitor your ads; so, you should check if their performance is good compared to your company’s goals. We will need as well some metrics, important for our business to compare our results to our set goals.

Do you want to have a big picture of the most used and important metrics? Have a look to this article:ooooooooo

The importance of the right metric for ad optimization

Certainly, is very easy to fall in the trap of “vanity metrics”; this metrics are actually not good to track performance and mostly are tracking engagement, like likes or post comments.

If you are keeping an eye on these important metrics for your company then, you will know straight away if there is any drop related to performance; for example, if you keep monitoring conversions and for some reason in that week it just drop steadily you might be easier for you to understand the reason and fix it.

So, the only key secret to optimize any ad from any platform is to test it; you should have from 3 up to 5 different versions of the same ad, testing A/B every element.

So, if our goal is to lower the average CPC of your ads you need to know what kind of advertising is the best for selling your product. Every product has a different audience, different audiences have different tastes and preferences.

Therefore, there is no general rule for optimization; every industry is a world on its own and the only way to discover it is testing.

A/B Testing

A/B testing is the most useful instrument you have to optimize your advertising strategy. Here at Bigbom, we know it really well. Remember to test an element per time in order to know which one of the options is the most suitable for your business.

For example, if you want to know which copy of your ad attracts more
people, you should test it A/B and create two versions of the same ad with two
different copy, one short and the other one longer.

In this case after 3-4 days you know which version of the ad received more clicks and you will know what are the preferences of your audience about that.

Test all the key factors of your advertising and do not leave anything to chance if do not want to throw away your budget. Hence remember, ad optimization is a precious ally to reduce the expenses, and increase consistently your business performance.

Certainly, Bigbom is the perfect tool to boost performance and efficiency of any advertising campaign; thanks to its automatic optimization and to an automatic A/B testing of your ads, Bigbom ads will increase by 50% the ROI of your online marketing campaigns, saving up to 80% of your resources and time.

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