8 tips to improve your Facebook Advertising Campaigns

December 12, 2019 in Facebook

8 tips to improve your Facebook Advertising Campaigns

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Using Facebook Advertising is as necessary as scary for some marketers. Facebook Ads Campaigns can be very difficult to manage. Here are 8 tips to help you to optimize and run a Facebook Ads Campaign like a pro!

Facebook advertising format

Facebook offers many types of ads; it can be a single photo, a video but also slide shows or the frequently-used carousel format. Moreover, you also have to choose in which section you want your articles to be published, as in the news feed, in Instagram or FB stories, on Facebook Messenger and so on (see tip#3). As there are so many different options can be really confusing to make the right choice.

So how to choose properly? The key is not to rush. Because, the first thing to do, is not to select where to place your ads but to define your business objectives: brand awareness, traffic on your website, app promotion, leads, sales and so on.

Once you have delineate your goals, Facebook will suggest you to choose the most suitable ad placement for your objective. So do not forget to indicate your target to the Facebook Ads manager before choosing the format.

The appropriate timeframe

When you are running an online campaign, the timing is essencial. It can seem obvious but is not a good idea to promote winter clothes on a 40 degrees summer day. The moment of the year, the month, the week or even the hours of the day are extremely important.

Please, pay attention to the seasonality of some products, at the fact that people might have less money to spend at the end of the month or that probably people have more freetime during weekends, evenings or lunch-breaks.

Before posting your ads, you must think about the characteristics of your product, about your target, about your audience and their demography.

If you want more information about those “golden timeframes”, please check for us on Medium:

Ad Placement on Facebook

Like we mentioned before, Facebook offers many different placements for your ads. It can be posted directly on the news feed on the right column, among Instant Articles or videos. You can place it on Messenger or on Instagram, once again in the news feed or inside the stories.

You need to be careful when you choose your placement. Of course, if you are in a hurry, Facebook can do it for you. But if you have some times, here are some issue you should look at:

> Firstly, distinguish if you want to target the people using laptops or mobile devices. All of the options are not available whether you choose the first one or the other.

>Secondly, if you are running a B2B business or if your product touch sensible subjects, don’t forget to exclude some categories of applications.

The most appropriate way to find the perfect placement is the “trial and error” method.
But when doing that, stay focus on your objective. If your goal is brand awareness, every placement is useful. Quite the opposite, if the goal is an app installation, you should be excluding the Audience network; it turns out that people are less reluctant to install mobile applications when they are not already in it. For several goals like traffic or video views, the automatic placement operated by Facebook is sufficient.

Finally, keep your “trial and error” method dynamic and never let it rest; we should never stop improving our ads performance.

Audience Size

The size of your audience is the fourth key factor. If your audience is too small, there will be repetition and the same potential customer will have to see your ad more than one time. On the other hand, if your audience is too big, your ad will not be shown to everyone, as you will probably go overbudget.

Just imagine your perfect customer and try to define it in as much detail as possible to have a good portrait of your desired audience.

Advertisement Budget

The budget is, of course, a very important key factor. With a higher budget, your ad will be clearly able to reach more people, but is not the most important criteria when assessing the success of your campaign.
If you define your objectives, your audience and your strategy properly a small budget could be enough to get great results.

The identity of your product

You must keep in mind that not every product is suitable to be advertised on Facebook Advertising Platform. For jewellery or clothing, for example, it is necessary if not inevitable to advertise on Facebook. But for boat spare parts, could be completely useless.

Understand your product!

The Picture

We can’t say it louder enough. A picture is worth a thousand words. People remember easier a picture with very few words.

The area covered by the text MUST NOT exceed the 20% of the picture for customers to find it attractive.

The Content

Here we are, last but not least, contents are the most important factor to take into account when you are running a Facebook Ads campaign. It might seem obvious, but the content determines up to 90% of the success of your campaign.

This is precisely, where you have to spend most of your time and effort. At this point, you might be asking to yourself: “if I spent most of my time writing engaging contents, how can I optimize the other key factors with no time left?”.
The answer is simple: try Bigbom.
Thanks to our automated managing system, you will have time to work on your contents while Bigbom will optimize your budget for you. Moreover, once you will have synchronized your campaign with Bigbom, you will receive a detailed and accurate database about your audience and your results.

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