4 tips to create the best-performing ad

December 20, 2019 in Facebook

4 tips to create the best-performing ad

To create the best-performing ad is very likely to be the most essential part of advertising. Ads are everywhere and can strike us at any time. But if the previous generation kept some advertising slogans in their minds, this generation is constantly trying to avoid them. To manage to be successful, your ad must be irresistible to the eyes of your audience.

To do so, nothing is more important than preparation.
You must think about your campaign’s objectives, your objectives, your audience and which images suits the best to your audience and your product. It is not easy to stand out among all the ads and you must find the right balance between thinking out of the box and sticking to the fundamentals.

Here are several elements to always keep in mind when you create your own best-performing ad.

Be impactful

Your ad needs to be IMPACTFUL and immediately grab the customer’s attention. Your advertisement needs to connect instantly with your specific audience. It should contain some prominent elements like colorful-games, shapes, or branded elements (logo, slogans).

Be memorable

Your ad needs to be MEMORABLE and easy to remember. Your message must be concise and not overwhelming for the customer. The message should be compelling and accurate between your product and your specific audience. You need to align the advertisement with your customer. The first tip to do so is one of the most important in marketing. To sell a product to a targeted audience you should put yourself in their shoes. Second, you can also precise why some people shouldn’t click on it (with “for women”, “for man” or “for students” indications).

Be clear about your call-to-action

Your ad needs to LEAD TO EASY ACTIONS. After hooking your audience with reviews and testimonials, you need to give them the ability to take actions (buy products, subscribe to newsletters, …).

Remember the golden rule for the best-performing ad

All of this is possible only after a consequent “trial and error” process. You will need to create several combinations for an ad and use the A/B testing method to determine which are your best-performing ads.

This can demand a lot of time and resiliency. Many advertisers can grow impatient.

That is why Bigbom is the solution for many advertisers. Bigbom cannot create the perfect ad for you. Nobody knows your product more that you. Bigbom allows you not only to track your results and audience with a better managing system but also to do A/B Testing to determine your best-performing ads.

Moreover, its automatic algorithm will optimise your budget and make you save a tremendous amount of time. In simple words, Bigbom will help you create a performance-based advertising campaign.

Start optimizing your ads with Bigbom.
And enjoy a bit of your free time, finally.

14 days free trial. no credit card required.

If you have any other questions, contact us on our website or on our Facebook Page. If you have interrogations about the online marketing world (“which network is better for my business …), you can check our blog.


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