How to write effective ads

January 7, 2020 in Content

How to write effective ads

Creating effective ads helps you to decrease CPM and raise CTR, obtaining and finally exceeding, the expected campaign’s results.

Effective ads

Firstly, every ad structure should have these characteristics:

⦿ Text

⦿ Image or a video

If it is even a link post it should have also:

⦿ Title/ description

◎ a visible call to action

⦿ Link to the website

So, in this article you will find a quick guide and the best tips to create effective ads.

Let’s start from the copy as it is the first element, we find on the ad.

Highlight the first sentence: It is a good rule to leave some space between sentences, especially from the first to the second sentence; in addition to this element we are trying to get the attention of the reader, usually using capital letters, questions and emoticons. igbom quck gudeBom’s quick guide foromoo guide guguidegg

Also, try to use impactful and colorful images, better if with people or a video;

Effective ads copy

Moreover, we should try to take advantages of emotions in the body; let’s focus on our target needs, answering to a specific question and fixing the problem, after all.

At the same time the title should be in contrast with the problem of the customer.

AIDA approach for an effective ads campaign

Bigbom's quick guide to effective ads

The right image for effective ads

The expression an image is more worthy than a 1000 word is definitely true. If images get to people’s brain faster than any written word, try to choose the right images to catch the interest of your audience.

Images characteristics

Here is a summary with all the most important characteristics for an effective ads’ image:

► Be Impactful

▷ Be Memorable

► Also, you should be telling a story to our customer

▷Should have a description

► Try to include branding elements inside

▷ Above all, try to be original, genuine and authentic without exagerate

► Use pictures of your product, your team or your customers

▷ Choose the right dimension for each social network

► Likewise, use a good quality image, 72dpi for photos (.jpeg) or (.png) for graphic images to maintain transparency

Effective ads: the right image

The right tone of voice

Let’s try to encourage always a dialog, eventually.

Try to never or at least rarely to use a formal language when we write an advertising.

What you should publish

To decide and define what to publish is the most delicate activity we do on Facebook because it involves 2 different aspects:

☞ The topic of the content

☞ The goal of the ad

Finally, just like everything is defined on the business’s goals and on your target, the copy do not make an exception; here you have some good examples to take inspiration from:

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