Social Media Analytics Tools

December 25, 2019 in Bigbom Tutorial

Social Media Analytics Tools

When you are running an Advertisement Campaign on social media, it’s important to rely on professional analytics tools and so understand your results. Important decisions are relying on it.

To achieve this, there are plenty of analytics tools available on the Internet that offer you to analyse those data. Maybe there are even too numerous. You need to find the tool that suits the best for you and your business.
Of course, Facebook or Google have their own analytics tools but this post is about companies offering analytics tools for a specific or for several social media.


Bigbom is our own solution for companies and small businesses that are advertising online. Our goal is to boost your ads and increase their performance through several interesting features. One of them is the automatic algorithm that optimise the budget by automatically disabling ineffective ads and transferring their budget to high-potential ads.

The second feature concern Account Management. With Bigbom, it is possible to manage all your campaigns from one account. Soon, you will also be able to optimize your Facebook and Google Ads from the same place. Finally, Bigbom grants you access to the most complete between analytical tools. With its help, you will be able to understand and analyse your performance, your budget, your audience and their demographics or even your schedule.

Testing your ads will never get as easy than with Bigbom. While Bigbom enhances the performance of your ad by 50%, the time needed on the management of your campaign decrease by 80%.
Do you want to know our price range, check our website : or go on our Facebook Page.


Agora Pulse is another analytic tool that is working the same way. It helps you identify the best content through automation and allows you to manage all your social media tasks in one place. The automatic mechanism is a time and
effort-saver. Your ad reaches more people with less effort.

Price range : 89 to 459 USD per month


Hootsuite is one of the most famous analytic tools. It works with the same spirit that the two previous ones : strong analytics (more than 200 metrics), automation and management within one platform.
Price range : 29 to 599 USD per month.


This is an analytic tool that works with Facebook and Instagram and aims at ease the work of online advertisers. Buffer gives you recommendations about your strategy or some analytics of your Instagram stories.
You can get some features for free like the audience insights or the stories analytics but if you want the premium option, you will need to pay 50 USD per month.

But these are only few of the biggest analytic tool that exists. But there also are some smaller tools dedicated to specific goals. Cheaper than the previous one, those tools are sometimes incorporated by the biggest analytics tool previously mentioned. It’s the case, of Brand Mentions that helps you measure your brand awareness or BrandWatch, which is ore specialised in targeting your customers.

Finally, there are tools that choose to focus on specific media. Those are Iconosquare for Facebook and Instagram (if you want to measure your impressions), FollowerWonk on Audience Connect for Twitter and Google Analytics for Google.

As a final word, let’s remember that it depends mostly on you. One-size- doesn’t-fit-all. You will have to discover it by yourself. But if you want to discover what our clients are thinking about Bigbom and its solution, meet us and meet them on our social medias.


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