How Bigbom assesses a Facebook ad campaign?

December 20, 2019 in Bigbom Tutorial

How Bigbom assesses a Facebook ad campaign?

How Bigbom offers to enhance them?

You have just finished building your ad and you start running it with Facebook Ad. However, your ad is not breaking the Internet like you were expecting to and you start losing money on it. What to do now?

BigBom might be the right solution for you.

The issue we are going to settle here is to know how can Bigbom assesses an ad campaign in order to enhance its performance. What are the criteria that Bigbom is using to evaluate the quality of an advertisement?

Is it the content? The ad placement? The picture content? No, it isn’t. So it can be different from
what you could think in the first place. Bigbom lets your content and the choice of the picture in your hands; follow this link to check on more info about how to organize a perfect Facebook campaign:

Nonetheless, Bigbom offers several solutions that allow you to increase the efficiency of your online marketing campaigns.

Learn how to manage multiple ads campaign

To manage properly an advertising campaign you need to spend a lot of time on it; to avoid losing money you need to turn off and on an ad when its CPR (Cost per Result) is exceeding the budget.

Unfortunately, this is the task that will swallow up most of your time and costing you a lot of money if you did not detect it on time. The CPR metric is one of the prerequisites for Bigbom to monitor, to detect and evaluate if your ad is excellent, good, bad or mediocre.
When CPR exceeds the initial target cost, Bigbom will automatically detect it and immediately turn off concerned ads; the budget will then be reallocated to the ads that are
working well.

The second problem is that advertisers need strong and accurate insights to find their perfect audience and to track their results.

Once you have synchronized your campaign with Bigbom, you will receive a lot of data that will allow you to know better your audience and ensure that you were not targeting a wrong audience.

Also, the database provided will grant you the opportunity to track your results and evaluate your performance (brand awareness …) and your ROI.

Bigbom offers you metric like “1000 Reaches” (the time to reach 1000 different users) or the CPM ( the cost for your ad to be shown 1000 times). But those metrics are only the most commonly used. To check if your ad is going viral, you can also analyse the number of comments, shares or likes.

This is, in summary, the way Bigbom assess if an ad is good or not. By giving you access to a detailed database and thanks to our automated algorithm, make sure to optimise your ads.

Enjoy your free time while Bigbom optimize your ads.

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