Efficiently measure the success of your ads campaign with Bigbom’s 1.8 update

December 20, 2019 in Bigbom Tutorial

Efficiently measure the success of your ads campaign with Bigbom’s 1.8 update

Try Bigbom’s 1.8 new update to boost your ads effectiveness

The success of an advertising campaign depends on the ability to closely monitor and properly analyze every campaign’s data.
The most important thing is to be able to read properly the data; this will give a wider access of a more detailed portrait of the behavior and characteristics of any target audience. That is why in the latest Bigbom’s 1.8 update we managed to make things even easier for you advertisers.

Efficiently measure the success of your ads campaign with Bigbom’s 1.8 upgrade

Here at Bigbom we are always improving to give our customers the best tools and resources to enhance their business results, we refine our product to fulfil even more our customers’ expectations.
In this latest update, Bigbom will provide improved instruments and experience to help advertisers evaluate their campaigns objectively, according to their data. We are sure that this will greatly boost any advertising campaigns efficiency and performance.

Improved logic for our algorithm in Bigbom’s 1.8 update

One of our main feature for this update is an enhanced logic for BigBom’s algorithm; in this way we aim to control every campaign trend effectively and evaluate ads performance in different time frames.

On our previous version, bad-performing ads was turned off when the total spent was exceeding the default Target Cost.
Now, we you can now control ads performance with every day, 2 days, 3, 7, 14, every month or directly full time reports.

This means that the algorithm is taking into account the average trend related to the ad set performance for the time period we set.
By selecting 3 days, the algorithm will analyze the cost trend for the last three days with available data. So, if in these 3 days, the average cost trend is increasing, our algorithm will automatically turn off the campaign; on the other hand, if the average cost trend is decreasing, the campaign will still be kept active.
In this case we will evaluate ads performance based on the big picture, i.e. we are now able to read our campaign signals and trends for a given time period.

Re-activate your inefficient ads

Besides, another new great feature of our upgrade is the possibility to reactivate bad-performing ads.
But why should we re-activate bad-performing ads?

Investigating on our customers’ market, we understood that any advertiser’s behaviour may change extremely in a month.

So, an ad that was inefficient for a specific Target cost or for some performance metrics set at the beginning, can be automatically reactivated if, in comparison to different metrics or target cost, its performance improves consistently.

We improved our Cost control tool as well; our main goal is always to help advertisers to be sure that your budget is safe and there is no wasting occurring while advertising.
In Bigbom’s 1.8 update, we decided to represent your relevant analytical data in the form of a bar and wave chart within the analysis report. You will find it in the Campaign Menu, clicking on Campaign Analysis.

Duplicate well-performing campaigns or ad sets

Bigbom understands that advertisers do not need to create new ads when they have efficient ads set in their hands.
Bigbom 1.8 new features allow to duplicate efficient ad groups easily, to boost your advertising effectiveness.
To successfully multiply an ad group or a campaign, just follow a few simple steps:

Bigbom's 1.8 update

Set a budget for your duplicated asset

First you need to set the budget for your duplicated Ad set or campaign; if you don’t select one, BigBom will publish your duplicate ads set with the same budget of your well-performing original ad set.

So, if you choose to boost by 10% the budget for your duplicated ads set, the final resulting budget will be 10% more than the budget for your original ads set.

Choose a kick-off point

You need to choose as well a kick-off point, i.e. the amount of testing budget that need to be consumed to start to duplicate the efficient ad set. Kick-off points are always related to the test budget of the original ad group.

Select the duration of your campaign/ad set

Do you want this new campaign to have the same duration of the original or maybe days or weeks more? You can choose to extend your duplicated campaign as long as you like.


Select how many times you want to duplicate your ad set

You can choose to copy your campaign or ad set up to 10 times or to duplicate it on loop.
Be really careful with the loop option though, this is not riskless; in fact, if you decide to tick the loop box, but you don’t know really what you are doing, it might especially waste a consistent part of your budget.
You should always be sure to have enough different contents and images for your ads if you want to loop the copy of your efficient ads.
Be aware of what you are doing!

In addition, with our new update you can now have the most detailed evaluation figures, organized in intuitive interface and easy-to-understand reports.

First of all, we made some improvements on BigBom’s interface to make it even more intuitive for our customers; we removed the process bar, as well as improved the dashboard giving you the possibility of adding more columns, to manage easier Ads and Extensions.

More intuitive interface

There are also new updates to make easier for users to control ads and get the support they need to customize their campaign budget.
We boost management and budget management interface, allowing Ad Set naming to make it easier to control and see how your ads are performing.
We, eventually, added a countdown to the expiry of the 14 days of free trial above the navigation bar.

Finally, we hope we are going to thrill you with these new features as much as we are; if you face any kind of problem or simply something is still not completely clear about this new update, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
Our Customer care will take care of you and solve any issue you might encounter.

Visit our website at www.bigbom.com or our Facebook page for more informations.

Bigbom Team

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