Analysing your digital advertisement with Bigbom

December 20, 2019 in Bigbom Tutorial

Analysing your digital advertisement with Bigbom

Nowadays, every single company, whether it is a large multinational or a small start-up, must invest a good amount of money in digital advertisement. It can be to boost brand awareness, to improve the traffic, or to increase sales. The final goals do not change the fact that online marketing is essential.

But digital marketing is not as simple as it seems in the head of some people. Marketers, especially new ones, will face lots of challenges and probably the most difficult is to measure the efficiency and the real ROI of an ad campaign. Doing this gives marketers some pretty bad headaches and takes most of their time. To measure the efficiency you need to read and analyse several metrics about traffic and conversion.

Analyze your advertising with Bigbom

The solution, put in place by Bigbom, expects to answer to every digital advertisement challenge. With its RAMA Program, the company tackles down the vast majority of problems of the online marketing world. RAMA is an acronym standing for Results, Automation, Management and Audience and a summary of what Bigbom is offering. In other words, Bigbom’s objective is to enhance the performance of your ads through a mix of tools and a series of actions resolved automatically.

Syncronise all your advertising campaigns with Bigbom

First of all, once you have synchronised your campaign with Bigbom, you will access to a strong and detailed database that allows you to understand how your campaign is doing at a glance. Giving you useful information about your results and your audience (“who are they?”) through very simple visual analytics, you will be able to optimize your campaigns by adjusting some of your campaign settings.

Boost your digital advertisements result with Bigbom’s algorithm and IA

Bigbom will take care of some important actions with its automatic algorithm. These actions, such as shutting down bad ads and reallocating budgets to the right ones, are not dubious or questionable, but if they are managed automatically, they help you to save considerable time and money.

Bigbom assists you on the way to optimise your digital advertising campaign with fewer efforts. For the moment, Bigbom already allows you to increase by 50% the effectiveness of your campaign while decreasing by 80% the time needed. But it is far to be over, some amazing new features, like the automatic duplications, are on their way. Enhancing the efficiency of a campaign will never be so effortless than with Bigbom.

Check this article for more information about BigBom Facebook ads optimisation:

Boost your performance by 50%
while saving up to 80% of your budget.
No tricks, just Bigbom.

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